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Rewatched #DiaryNgPanget. And yes, until credits, bloopers, and lotion com kembelur. Hahaha. I love @nadzlustre, supernezz! But i love @reidxjames more xempre. Hihi! Bet na bet the love team and the duet. Whooohooo! (at Humble Abode, Landmark-3, Davao City)

So Iel & i are lying on the bed. The rest of the fam are out. Bored i think, she asked permission to play games in my tab. I let her. I didn’t think she’ll try on this first. Sorry bebe gurl, ate really intended to DL these kinds of app so you and Xen can use my tab for good. Most of the apps in my tab are for fun learning purposes. Stage ate here! ;)

#samsung #tab #pinkstuff #leisure #gaming #android #homebound #FamiliaAdvincula (at Humble Abode, Landmark-3, Davao City)

Our first meeting was both funny and scary because you made me jump out of the house when i arrived from Davao. My tito brought you to Bislig from Manila. But it only took a short while for the two of us to be close, like really really close. I don’t love dogs until i met you, just so you know. You were so enthusiastic. You would wiggle your tail everytime i arrive home and only stop after i tap you on the head. You would go to my bed and lay with me, acting like my real teddy. You would always allow me to hug you and feel your warmth, especially in those times i had fever. You would touch my hand as if you were telling me to get rid of my phone and sleep for my next shift. You would run into my room whenever you smell the food i’m eating. I’m gonna miss all those moments and more, Mar. It’d be selfish for me to ask why you left so soon because you were with the family for more or less 7 years. But i really wish you’d stay longer. When i left this afternoon, i didn’t expect that it’d be my last glimpse and goodbye to you. This is so heartbreaking that i wished i didn’t leave the house for @chitomirandajr’s gig. I’m gonna miss you & you’ll allways be in my heart.

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